I went there for lunch i cant beleive it it was super super soup was large,i got appetizer,,and dessert ,drink then paid only 9,95 this place super super food fresh and healty .when you go there you should talk owner he is very nice man thank you for opning resturant montclair

Jan 17 2011 Satisfaction:
Mmm, super yummy

Loved the meal! Chicken kebob was so tender and juicy. Rices were amazing. Red Lentils soup was a large portion and delicious. Definitely will be going back

Jan 15 2011 Satisfaction:

They've expanded their lunch specials menu.
I tried the Stuffed Cabbage special; it was excellent. The lamb and rice filling was flavorful and the cabbage itself was very delicate. (It didn't come with the appetizer or dessert, but this was good trade-off, considering the complexity to prepare such a dish.)

Jan 14 2011 Satisfaction:

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