Thank you for open Monday

When I ate there I am feeling like I am home food fresh and health.price and service they open again Monday I would like to say thank you very much to open monday

February 11 2011 Satisfaction:

We managed to get in on a Saturday night at about 5:30 without a reservation, but every party over two people who tried after us was turned away. I was shocked! I had no idea this place was so popular. I'm glad they are busy, but since I love half-empty restaurants (I have two toddlers, you know), it makes me a little shy to return for an evening meal. (I know, you super-cool yelpers think of 5:30 as the tail-end of a late four bottles of wine for two people lunch. I've been there. Just you wait...)

Anyway, as a vegetarian in a kebab house, I did what I love to do: I ordered the appetizer sampler as an entree. But then my hubby decided he wanted to share it, so I also ordered a zucchini pancake and falafel.

I have to say, I almost didn't order the hummus, but it was really good! It was on par with Sahadi's homemade hummus. And I have never said that before about any other hummus. The Acili Ezme (spicy mashed vegetable) was excellent, and I was glad to have the cacik there to cool it. But my favorite part of the plate was definitely the stuffed grape leaves. Was there nutmeg in it? So, so good. I'm definitely stopping in to get some to go at least once a week. Wonderful.

My husband ordered the stuffed cabbage, which he ate and liked a lot (four large stuffed leaves) despite saying his grandfather made it better.

Our kids were getting nutso by the end, so I didn't get to try the coffee, kazandibi, or baklava. Next time we'll get a baby sitter and go for a longer, more relaxed dinner. And we won't forget to make a reservation.

Jan 23 2011 Satisfaction:

Excellent. This is my new lunch spot! Cheap, good quality food, good music, squeaky clean, family friendly, Good service. Sh*t, this might be the best all around restaurant I've EVER been too!

Jan 20 2011 Satisfaction:

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